Best Travel Apps That Work on Both Android and iOS

Our phones are as indispensable when you travel as on any other occasion – such is modern life. Actually, during trips, your trusty smartphone can be more valuable than ever as it provides a constant source of useful information in unfamiliar surroundings.

You probably already use a variety of apps to get from one location to another. Here you go a few underappreciated that would fit especially well for traveling purposes.


Sure, you can get public transportation information from a regular mapping app like Google Maps. But sometimes a dedicated tool has an obvious and serious advantage. For example, Citymapper is an app that’s praised for its ease of use, the sheer number of transportation options and cities it covers, and the way it helps you make connections and find the right ride.


Not all people rush to hire travel agents to plan their trips. If you are an independent do-it-myself kind of person, the TripIt app might be of great help. It will do the job of a travel agent for free. Just forward all your emails and booking information to the app and it will organize and sort through them for you.

First, it extracts your route details from those emails and saves the information. Then TripIt will tell you where and when you need to be, saving you from having to search through emails or your suitcase for the documents you need. For a fee, you can get a few extra features like real-time flight alerts and alternative flight trackers.


The Internet is overflowing with reviews from tourists and locals about this or that establishment, hotel, hostel in many different countries, but it’s even better when all of these hints are collected in one place, and all those opinions are themselves evaluated. Try Tripadvisor’s digital travel guide to get access to such a service.

The app offers advice during the planning stage and when you’re already on the road. With Tripadvisor, you can find tips from millions of travelers who have already been to your destination. They will recommend where to stay, what to do, where to dine or grab a quick bite to eat. You’ll also find great deals on hotel rooms and special deals on restaurant reservations or event tickets. Whatever the purpose of your trip, this app will help you plan it the best way possible.

Google Translate

Google Translate continues to be one of the best tools to better understand the locals and make sure that your words are interpreted correctly too.

The current version of the app supports 133 languages, can translate 37 languages based on photos, 32 by voice, and 27 by video. It can cache languages for offline use, translate objects you capture with your phone’s camera, say the correct pronunciation out loud, and do many other useful things.


You’ve arrived in an unfamiliar city and unpacked your bags. What to do next? One good option is to launch Headout. The app will help you find interesting events in your current location, including concerts, tours, exhibitions, and adventures.

The variety of events available will depend on exactly where you are – some cities offer more action than others. However, Headout is always a great way to find out what’s going on in a new place when you get there. Plus, it can save you money if you book, say, theater tickets through the app itself.


You can find and download quite a few useful applications online. These are just some of them that will make the whole process easier and more pleasant.

The main thing is that the devices carrying these apps should be in perfect order. Then, various tense moments and serious tasks will not be so daunting. Therefore, at the first sign of malfunctions, turn to repair professionals, especially when it’s about some expensive items. For example – with all the available professionals specializing in devices manufactured by Apple – MacBook repair in Brooklyn is a simple matter!