Different Types of Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings


If that special someone in your life has proposed to you, or perhaps it was you who proposed to you, then the next thing on your mind is to look at the different types of cut diamonds that you can choose for your engagement ring. Can be chosen. You have many options, but oval, princess cut and round diamond engagement rings are still the most popular and preferred by many women.

Unique cut diamonds

If the above cut doesn’t interest you, you can always go for a unique round cut diamond engagement rings. If the cost of your ring is no object and your budget is no limit, you can decide to cut the diamond to the size of your choice. A brilliant round cut diamond or a heart-shaped diamond could be just what you’re looking for. It will be unlike any other engagement ring and wearing it will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Princess cut

The princess cut is a trendy diamond cut for rings today and you can choose from white gold, yellow gold or platinum. This particular style occurs when a diamond is cut into a square shape. It is a very beautiful look and a classic engagement ring style that many women have envisioned themselves wearing as they dream of getting married at some point in the future. If trendy jewelry and following trends are important to you, then there is no doubt that this setting is for you.

Oval cutting

This is another very popular type of diamond cut and is an especially great style for rings with a wide band or long diamond set. If you like your jewelry to sparkle and catch the light, then this ring setting does just that and will not let you down.

Cuts a circle

This is the third most common type of engagement ring cut, and as the name suggests, the ring consists of a circle cut diamond. The circle diamond has been a favorite of many women over the years, and although the designs are not necessarily trendy, they are elegant, classic and simple in their own right.