Why You Should Get Yourself a MacBook

What makes a laptop good

When looking for a new laptop, we typically consider a variety of factors to ensure that the device meets our specific needs and preferences. Some key aspects that all of customers tend to demand from a device are:

  1. Solid performance

The type and speed of the processor (CPU) influence it profoundly. Also, more RAM allows for better multitasking and smoother performance, especially for demanding applications.

  1. Battery life

A longer battery life is crucial for users who need to work on the go without constant access to power outlets. You’d also want your device to stay functional for longer while traveling.

  1. Build quality and portability

You definitely want to consider the laptop’s build quality, durability, and weight. Portability is a secondary, yet very pleasing factor: thin and lightweight laptops are in high demand.

MacBook qualities

MacBook models are known for several characteristics that set them apart from other laptops and make those devices preferable for buyers. Here are some general strengths associated with MacBooks:

  • Build quality and design

MacBooks are known for their premium build quality, often crafted from aluminum, which gives them a sleek and durable feel. Alsom Apple pays great attention to design aesthetics, resulting in thin and lightweight laptops.

  • Retina display

Many MacBooks come with high-resolution Retina displays that offer excellent color accuracy and sharpness.

  • macOS operating system

MacBooks run on macOS, Apple’s operating system, which is known for its user-friendly interface, stability, and seamless integration with other Apple devices.

  • Great performance

MacBooks often boast powerful processors, providing smooth performance for various tasks, including creative work, video editing, and multitasking. This makes such devices the best options for people who use their laptops for work.

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  • Trackpad and keyboard

Amongst many things Apple is praised for is the use of large and responsive trackpads, as well as the well-designed keyboards. Combined, they provide an exceptionally comfortable typing experience.

  • Battery life

MacBooks are known for their efficient power management, resulting in good battery life, especially in standby mode. Well, of course there are some circumstantial factors, such as the tasks you’re performing, screen brightness, background applications, and whether power-hungry applications are running. So the default longevity can get less impressive in your case.  

  • Software ecosystem

The MacBook software ecosystem is centered around macOS, the operating system designed and developed by Apple. MacBooks seamlessly integrate with other Apple devices and services, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iCloud, and more, creating a cohesive ecosystem for your convenience.

  • Security features

Generally, macOS is considered more secure than some other operating systems. Also, MacBooks come with features like FileVault for disk encryption and Gatekeeper for app security. Those are valuable tools if you prioritize data security, especially in the event of a lost or stolen laptop.

  • Customer support

Apple is known for its customer service and support. This includes the Apple Store Genius Bar, where users can receive in-person assistance.


While MacBooks have all these strengths, they might not be the best choice for everyone. Factors like personal preferences regarding brand and country of origin, specific software needs, and budget considerations play a significant role in choosing the right laptop.

Additionally, the market is dynamic, with new models and advancements being introduced regularly. Thus it’s advisable to check for the latest reviews of the specific model when making a purchasing decision.

And, of course, it is advisable to find reliable technicians in case you need the device repaired quickly. New Yorkers can always contact Smart Addiction when a touch of a true expert is needed.